Delete folders and files can not be deleted

If you've ever been unable to delete a file in Windows, rename or move a file, Windows has not allowed you what the excuse being used by another program, and can not figure out what program is using. That made this little guide and to delete the files or folders can not be deleted.
Sometimes it is true and is solved by closing the program in question, but sometimes there is no choice but to use Unlocker or in this case, Unlocker Portable.

Unlocker Portable is the solution for these cases. Unlocker Portable runs, tell you which file is causing problems and he will see that you can rename, move, or delete it without anyone discuss you. This tool is very useful in these cases and also what can these free way.

Characteristics and download Unlocker Portable.

Delete folders and files can not be deleted.
  1. Unlocker run the program as Administrator.
  2. Find the folder to remove, when we locate and give OK.
  3. We selected the action Remove, then click OK to be appropriate to delete.
  4. We show a window where we tell you that it has moved to the recycle bin.
Ready! That's all with that we managed to eliminate the rebel folder could not be deleted.

Video tutorial

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