Hard reset Samsung Galaxy Pocket

Hard reset Samsung Galaxy Pocket. In the next tutorial we will see the steps to reset your phone Samsung Galaxy Pocket, resetting the factory settings of a cell it is also known as hard reset, and the phone is mainly done to clean because sometimes users blocks their attempts to exhaust release by pattern.

This is because we enable the employer to protect our cell but sometimes our carelessness we forget, sometimes because loans and we block or quite simply found the phone, we want to go and be able to use features of Samsung Galaxy Pocket.

Very good we proceed to unlock Samsung Galaxy Pocket with the next instructions.

Hard reset Samsung Galaxy Pocket
  1. Make sure the battery charging Samsung Galaxy Pocket this at least 80% charged.
  2. Turn off the phone and hold down the VOL +, POWER and HOME, the three buttons simultaneously and release to see the recovery menu.
  3. While in the recovery menu with VOL- we move to the option that says "wipe data / Factory reset" and press POWER to apply.
  4. In the next menu we chose the only option that says "YES - delete all user data" and press POWER.
  5. At the end of the process we will return again to start the recovery, now we go to the option to "wipe cache partition" and apply by pressing the POWER button.
  6. Now just let the first option "reboot system now" and press POWER again.
Ready! The phone will restart, and you just have to configure it to use!

Video tutorial

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