Hard Reset Tablet Tech Pad all models

You have a Tablet Tech Pad and you it has been blocked? In the next tutorial I'll teach you how to unlock it in case you forgot the unlock pattern thereof, that are commonly happens to users who exhausted attempts to unlock and they stay on the screen where it asks mail Google and password. This is not the only case because if you want to reset to factory settings This tutorial will help with that if you want to sell the Tablet Tech Pad or want to take away everything you have.

Good to restore the values of this Tablet Tech Pad completely you lose some predetermined files in the internal memory either files like photos, apps, music, etc. So if you do not want to lose this file and still have access to the Tablet Tech Pad I recommend you do a backup, if you can not then you have no other choice than restore Tech Pad Tablet to factory.

Needless to say next steps so you can reset your brand Tablet TechPad, this process is valid for all models.

Hard Reset Tablet TechPad all models
  1. With the Tablet off press the POWER + VOL- or VOL+ keys, two keys simultaneously.
  2. When the recovery menu appears release the two keys.
  3. We drove with VOL- option to "wipe data / factory reset" and press the POWER button.
  4. Now we position the option that says "Yes - delete all user data" and press POWER.
  5. Once the process is finished we move to the option to "wipe cache partition" and re-press the POWER button, finishing the tablet process is restarted alone, but so position yourself in the option of "reboot system now" and press POWER to restart.
  6. Tablet ready restarted and no longer asks unlock pattern.
As mentioned earlier this process works for all models TechPad in case of problems we can leave a message.

Video tutorial

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