How to make hard reset Samsung Galaxy Ace

First tutorial on the page in which teach them how to remove the block of the Samsung Galaxy Ace since it has blocked attempts to exhaust us unlock pattern.

In the case of "Hard reset" or reset, what we do when there is no other solution to the problem we have and that is a serious problem, since a hard reset will erase all data from your mobile. There are times that our phone has some problems and we have no other option than to restore the factory settings the same, the Hard reset or restore data to the factory so we will always do and when there is us no other solution to the problem we have with our phone, it occurs mostly because we do not remember the unlock pattern or password you put and crashes.

Hard reset Samsung Galaxy Ace
  1. We need to turn off the phone and get the chip.
  2. Being off, we need to keep pressing the HOME, VOL+ and POWER button simultaneously.
  3. The cell will turn on the Samsung logo, let alone turn off and back on, that's when we release the three buttons and enter the Recovery Menu.
  4. We drove with VOL- to the third option which says "WIPE DATA FACTORY / RESET" and press the HOME button. Pricing action confirms HOME button again to "YES - delete all user data".
  5. Once the process is completed choose the option "WIPE CACHE PARTITION", and apply by pressing HOME.
  6. Now we only HOME "REBOOT SYSTEM NOW", wait for the phone to reboot.
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