How to make an installable ROM from FlashTools

Once you wondered How to make my phone MTK ROM? In the following tutorial we will see how to make a ROM of our phone MTK, to do the above have to know how to use the MTKDroidTools tool with which we can make a complete backup of our ROM at that time our phone is using, this It has done more than anything to have it as a backup in case our system brick. But equally to share it with all users who have the same problem.

Having a phone MTK (usually Chinese phones) can make a backup to reinstall any moment our factory ROM or the ROM you have echo the backup.

With this system you can always re-let the phone number, if you can not get to turn on the phone and get to restore the factory settings for some problem installing another ROM, for making bad rooteo or inability to access the recovery. 

Here are the steps to make our installable Android ROM system from the FlashTools.

Files and steps before making our ROM Backup
  • The first thing to do is download the driver package for Windows
  • Download the MTKDroidTools.
  • Having activates the USB Debugging which is in Settings - Options Development, should not have Development Options we have to go to Settings - About Device and activate by pressing 7 times on build number, once you have done this mark USB Debugging box.
  • Have permissions Root.

How to make an installable ROM from FlashTools.
  1. MTKdroidTools.exe run the tool as an administrator.
  2. Connect the phone to the PC, we expect the application to recognize the phone.
  3. If the lower square is yellow, will press the "ROOT" button, with which get temporary root access from the PC. But if the square is green, we can continue.
  4. We go to the second tab of the program called "Root, Backup, Recovery" and click the "Backup" button. Immediately begin a process that can take up to about 30 or so minutes (be patient).
  5. Once finished leave a window, you will tell us if we want to compress files, we will choose "No".
  6. We press on button on the left that says "check and prepare blocks for FlashTools" with this we leave the ROM so that we can restore the FlashTools.
  7. We found the backup in the Backups folder in the directory MTKDroidTools program. Ready to be installed from the FlashTools.

Once you finish the process, and the backup ROM phone have available, this process is very important as it will allow in case of any failure or when installing any ROM you can use it, the you can go back to restore as if nothing had happened.

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