How to remove shortcut virus and recover your files

How to unhide files that have been hidden because of the virus. This has happened to several users who for some reason are infected USB memory leaving shortcut files. Well that is because some malicious virus is making the own and is very common that to happen if we do not control where we insert your USB memory. What these viruses is to hide your folders on your USB memory, making them shortcuts, but at last we have the solution! With the repaired files, this file retrieves your folders and removes the virus (although it never hurts to give a scan with the antivirus).

I'm sure you happened to you ever like everyone, happens to walk into your USB memory looking for any files or important for that time document and it turns out not find it anywhere, many people to be infected by this virus think it is the end for your files and the only solution is to format it, but it is not, here I bring you the solution to this virus that causes us many problems.

Repairs files to remove shortcut virus, to eliminate the virus hide its files and converts them to shortcuts, which makes this virus is to hide your folders, files, etc. of your USB memory, making as I said and shortcuts, many people have this problem because of this virus, therefore they are infected by poking your USB stick everywhere.

Without further ado here's the solution without boasting is very simple and quick to perform, good start with instructions on how to remove shortcut virus and recover your files.

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how to remove shortcut virus and recover your files
  1. The first thing to do is analyze your USB memory with any antivirus looking for the virus in order to eliminate them, if you analyzed and continue with the following steps.
  2. Download repairers and downloaded unzip and copy one of them you like (all have the same function).
  3. Now paste the file before copied to your USB memory.
  4. Since the file is on your USB run it by double-clicking or right-click and then click Open.
  5. Wait out the process or follow the instructions (go depending on repairing ocupes), with that hidden files or folders will be visible.
Ready! With that already have back your hidden because of the virus.

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