How to Root Alcatel OT Pop C3 all models

How do you get root access on phones Alcatel OT POP C3? Question that many users make when buying this phone because there are several advantages that it has to have the phone with root access. Then root access for these models thanks to an application called Framaroot is achieved. Today have root access has become too easy with the progress that developers have to release these methods root and make everything easier.

Many users are asking this method root your Alcatel One Touch Pop C3 model 4033A, the have root access will allow installing applications required to work with access to the system, uninstall applications that come by default or factory and also be able to install a new custom ROM. Note that when the root is a device will void the warranty, so do so at your own risk, it is very easy, fast and secure.

Root files for Alcatel OT Pop C3

How to Root Alcatel OT Pop C3 all models
  1. Download and install the Framaroot and Root Checker.
  2. Click on "Select an action to execute after root" leave the option "Install SuperSU".
  3. In the bottom select any of the xploid displayed.
  4. Once your phone get root access a window with the caption "Succes ... Superuser and su binary installed. You have to reboot your device", press" OK ", exit the application and restart the phone.
  5. Open the Root Checker to check superuser permissions, press "Verify Root" and you grant permissions "Congratulations! This device has root access."
With the above steps the root is integrated into the Alcatel OT Pop C3, so easy it is to get root access on our telefon, now if your turn to make the most of the root.

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