How to unlock Huawei Y320, Y321, Y520 any company

How Unlocking Huawei Y320, Y321, Y520 Any Company. This tutorial has been asking me several users and subscribers of my YouTube channel so here's the tutorial for free Huawei Y320, Y321, Y520 any company. Recently inaugurated section where I show Unlock SIM free release method for different phone models and so you can free your phone quickly and most brilliant of all free!. First of all this method has been tested and works 100% in the aforementioned models such as Huawei Y320, Y321 and Y520.

Note that this method universal and whether, if it works for these models, no matter which company this phone, so you can try this method with models also mention to save comments, the release also includes referrals models for example: If I have a Huawei Y320-U152 is also valid for Huawei Y320-u10 as it is the same model Y320.

Files that deal

How to unlock Huawei Y320, Y321, Y520 any company.
  1. Run the program "firedongle_cracked_huawei.exe" and go to the tab "Huawei Calc".
  2. In the option of "Model:" choose the model "G6609" and "Imei" writes the 15 digits of your imei.
  3. Press "Calc Codes" and automatically displayed on the top of your IMEI and NCK, NCK consists of 8 digits and is the code we will take to unlock Huawei phone.
  4. Now turn on your phone with a different chip, if you are one bone Telcel have to put another chip for example Movistar, Unefon, Claro, etc. Make it different company to which you belong now.
  5. When you ask for the unlock code NCK network you put the 8 digit code that you throw the program, if all goes well you should leave and enter the system that you'd have released your phone for any company Huawei.

Video tutorial

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