Root LG Max X165g and all models

How Rooting LG Max all models. In the following tutorial I show you how to root LG Max, good and wanted to upload this tutorial but had not given the chance and now here is the process to get the root on these phones. For this procedure we will use an application that is becoming very popular in recent times as it achieves the root access on most Android phones and which achieve root access LG G4 Max.

The process for obtaining the root LG Max is made using an application which is called Kingroot, this application does is to root the device and obtain the benefits of root. In addition this application rootea different devices with Android phones and Tablet call it.

By obtaining the root on our phone we can make use of the privileges of having root access, such as installing applications hack, recovery's custom, cooked ROM's, modify the system and applications or games that only work with root. This process was successfully tested on a LG Max X165g, so try this method and makes comments LG models served for you.

Without further ado we continue with the steps to root LG Max X165g and all models LG Max.

Files to occupy

How Root LG Max X165g and all models LG Max
  1. Download and install both applications on your phone.
  2. Open Kingroot and follow the steps that will appear on the screen, click on the blue box that says "TRY TO ROOT" and wait until the process is completed rooteo.
  3. When you complete a check mark will appear in green with the words "root successfully" with that we will have the root LG Max.
  4. Now checks the root permissions with the Root Checker application. Open the application and we click "Verify root" in the window that give out "Allow".

And with that we will have root access on your phone LG Max, tested on a LG Max X165g.

Ready! Doing the above we will have our rooted phone and what remains is to enjoy the benefits we have to have root access on your phone. One of them is the garbage disposal applications.

Video tutorial

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